Remodels / Additions

Structural remodels and additions are often the most challenging, but also the most exciting projects to undertake.  Working from the conceptual stage and building off of a simple design vision is where ESG Design excels.  Our goal is to integrate your design ideas into a comprehensive set of construction details that are cost-effective, easy to build, and up to code.

Whatever the stage of your project, whether just a napkin sketch made on the fly or a half-completed 2nd story addition that is “on-hold” due to the permit official, ESG Design is here to help guide your project across the finish line.  We have the knowledge to review your remodel plans and ensure they meet all of the structural code requirements.  If architectural code assistance is required, we also have experienced consultants that are available to assist.  Our professional engineering rates are competitively low so that our clients can worry less about costs and more about the details of the project design.

The key to planning a successful remodel project is understanding that every addition or removal of a structural support can effect every other existing structural support.  Buildings must be designed to withstand a wide range of forces, from high winds and earthquakes, to the basic weight of the people and furniture in a room.  Ensuring that there is a proper load support system for every force that a building will be subjected to is a standard service that ESG Design provides on every project.  We also strive to achieve a balance between structural integrity and architectural beauty in all of our work.  Our goal is to help your remodel design become a reality.

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