At ESG Design, we understand that generating all of the required building plans and supporting documents to satisfy the permitting official is not the primary goal of a home owner when beginning a construction project.  But the fact is, whether you are building a garage or a house, a shed or a barn, you will likely be required by your local jurisdiction to obtain a building permit and have a licensed Professional Engineer review and approve your building plans.  ESG Design is here to help.  Our engineering services are streamlined to meet your project budget, and our focus is always on meeting the permitting requirements as efficiently as possible.  We want to see your project completed the way you envisioned it, and we have the engineering experience to ensure that it does.

Our expertise is knowing the Building Code inside and out.  We have the resources to interpret your local building department’s particular structural codes and ensure that your submittal blueprints conform to code.  Whether using the International Residential Code (IRC) for typical residential construction projects or remodels, or the International Building Code (IBC) for larger commercial scale jobs, we can help put your project on track for a successful permit review.

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