Engineering Consultation

 At ESG Design, our goal in consulting is to provide our clients with a suite of design tools and construction advice that brings true value to the project owner.  We are a small local business with low overhead and efficient design systems, which allows us to keep our rates low and our focus on the needs of our customer.  Whether you are looking for preliminary design feasibility advice, standard construction plans engineering, or detailed structural performance analysis, ESG Design is at your service.

When you choose ESG Design to join your project team, we bring with us the engineering analysis and design visualization tools that enable us to make your project goals a reality.  We are able to produce construction blueprints in electronic AutoCAD format or old fashioned pencil and graph paper.  We can take your structural design concept and turn it into a 3-Dimensional digital model to view in virtual reality, or use plain spoken language to convey a concept to you in person.  We also have the computerized structural modeling tools that can optimize your building design and ensure reliable structural performance for every project that we undertake.  Send us an email, give us a call, or send us a letter – ESG Design is your complete engineering consulting solution.