Building Evaluation

A building is just a building, right?

Actually, buildings are where we spend 90% of our time every day, and each building can be as unique as all of the people inside.  Most people pay little attention to the fact that every aspect of the structures they occupy was designed, engineered, and built by people that specialize in buildings.  This specialization has led to many different methods of building structures throughout history and many different ways that structures are designed to respond to the forces that affect them.

At ESG Design, we speak the language of structures.  We are trained to interpret the layout of beams and columns in a structure and trace the load path that occurs every time you step on the floor and it supports your weight.  If this load path is incomplete or was not properly constructed, structural defects may begin to show over time.  Is there a crack in your foundation wall?  Perhaps the doors and windows in your home don’t shut smoothly the way they used to?  Are you concerned about the construction and reliability of your building to withstand a substantial earthquake?  ESG Design has the experience and training to inspect any residential or commercial building, evaluate its structural integrity, and recommend any upgrades, retrofits, or strengthening that should occur to improve the performance of your building.

Don’t wait and watch your structure’s construction defects get worse over time – contact us to start discussing the benefits and long-term cost savings that a structural inspection and targeted repairs can bring to your building.